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1st Some Good News

" You can now have your own dream business for less than the cost of one average wage employee"

Currently, in the UK the average wage is about £28,000/$40k p.a. If you then add in what accountants call 'On costs' of employing people today on top of the average wage it works out the cost to company works out to approximately -£52,000.

That's the true cost to employ a person for 1 year in Britain (2017).  As mentioned previously, this is GOOD news. We started out by announcing that:

* It is possible to have your DreamBiz for less than the cost of one average employee, now you know the figure is £52k. Or £1k per week to create your Ideal enterprise .

still Good News

Most people we asked, have come up with figures in the £££ millions. When we talk about what it would cost to have an ideal biz - so this is ..STILL, good news OKAY, here's  a bit of 'less than great' news. Most companies haven't got access to the 1k per week to invest in their Dream business. BUT .... 50k is the maximum ... it could work out a lot less ( better news lane ) -for the moment, just entertain the possibility that almost anyone can shoot for & achieve that ideal. More on that shortly.

Where or how does a typical business go about finding the maximum of 1k per week to turn their dream into a reality ??


  • NB* Most companies struggle with their Bottom line BECAUSE they never really master the top-line sales aspects of running a biz.
  • A TopLine Focused organisation is one that is built to produce a Predictable 'O-P-E-R-A-T-I-O-N-A-L' income each & every month.
  • And how does a biz do that exactly - I hear you ask?
  • Qualified - Leads, or enquiries as they are often called, to engage with the company month after month.

PRIORITISING the whole operation around Income Producing Activities (IPA's)

We've all heard the line ' Nothing happens till someone sells something' yet ..sadly very few companies PRIORITISE IPA's above everything else. There is a reason and most people know it when we ask them. Which is: Most Owners don't typically like the IPA-Prospecting-Salesy elements of running a company. Stats often say ..less than 20% do ..... guess why it never makes no'1 on the priority list! 

Can you handle even better news than the 50k max for an ideal business ...... Business Owners who stereotypically don't enjoy sales & marketing .. NO LONGER have to force themselves to do it.

Now any business that wants a sales & marketing team CAN have their own! With 24/7 Sales Capabilities.

No .. really, they can and on terms that every company can comfortably afford or 'Invest In'


You know - all the financials, legals and operational DETAILS that just so happen to be the typical Biz owners other least favourite thing to do! Hmmm ... not a priority either then.

R-E-L-A-X .. just like with the sales activities .. you dear owner DON'T have to become King Of Admin yourself. It just NEEDS to get done ..preferably EFFICIENTLY.


Go on, admit it, there is only 1 valid answer to it, isn't there? ..... it's yes ....... ( I won't tell anyone ) Well .... more Good News ... Y-O-U can have the company run properly for the lowest price .. ( talk to us if you like, we're not trying to hide any of these options )

Accordingly .... by way of reminders ...

Yes you can

  • YES .. you can have your DreamBiz for less than a 50k investment ...... spread out over 1 year and more if you recall
  • YES you can get the company growing comfortably with a steady supply of leads etc to turn into new & repeat customers. P.S you won't need to become a sales person yourself either
  • And YES you can install a super BOSS operating System - operated by people who actually LIKE admin & details .... as they do exist (ha)
  • Furthermore, Items 1-3 above can be funded from often hidden profit pathways that, in reality, cost you/Biz owners virtually nothing.


  • NOTHING in real terms ..or in any kind of risk investment!


Welcome to the new business marketplace of Qollaborate & its Friends - the Business Connectors and your very own: Simple Plan That Works .... a biz designed around you the owner. Biz Was Never Meant To Be A Struggle. Unlearn it . Qollaborate. Connected businesses are the path to new commercial structures for Success in C21st . Step 1 ... TopLine Focus . If you'd like our assistance ..... just ask . ML

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