Welcome to Our ‘3MinChecklist’ To Increased Profitability

Simply highlight or mark the relevant number (whichever is easiest for you) for each question on the 3MC and we’ll come back to you with quick win ways to increase profits – often at ZERO cost to you.  3 short minutes could lead you to a whole new world of business profits!

(Score 1 = No, 2 = Maybe, 3 = Possibly, 4 = Probably, 5 = Definitely)

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1. Would a reliable lead generation system that provides consistent new appointments for your business be useful for you?
2. Would regular incoming phone enquiries be beneficial?
3. Do you have ‘work’/tasks that ideally need attending to, but you can’t get done by ‘expensive’ employed staff?
4. Would you like to know the True Value of your business AND how to increase its value?
5. Would the company benefit from an Active Networking Strategy built into the marketing plan? NB. This can be DONE FOR YOU.
6. Would you like to source Key Business Information about anything that’s not running smoothly – in less than 90 seconds?
7. Do you have things you (really do) need to learn or research for the business … but struggle to find the time? (NB. This may also apply to your children too … and employees of course).
8. 2% of businesses THAT QUALIFY, ever even apply for a Research and Development Grant. If you could find out about this for free, might it be of interest?
9. Do you ever Exchange Currency for business travel or trading in general (£ to $, Import-Export etc)
10. Do you own a Commercial Property? (You may qualify for Tax Rebates if you do)
11. Would it be useful to be able to pay ‘Director Life Cover’ etc out of COMPANY funds?
12. Would you like someone to organise ALL your Insurances, Memberships and Renewals for you? (Amazingly this can save … often £000’s!!)
13. Would you like to explore how the likes of University Fees can legitimately be paid out of company funds?
14. In general, would you like to be shown HMRC/approved ways to Optimise your Remuneration from the business?
15. Would it be useful to have the company better protected by being a member of a recognised Business Support Organisation?
16. Would you like to have access to someone who will circulate your marketing messages amongst the local business community?
Thanks for completing the 3MC. Hit Send … and we’ll come back to you ASAP with quick win Profit-Ability recommendations.

Regards Q9e / Mark Layder

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